About Silvio Di Benedetto

I’m founder and CEO at Inside Technologies, a company focused to drive into the future all the organizations thanks to power of Information Technology. Passionate about cultures that foster innovation and collaboration, I drive companies to fast turnaround of value to increase ROI. My motto is “There’s no more difference between small and large companies. Everyone needs to be available every day of the year!.

My experience includes leading and manage process and operations for different kind of projects. I had provided IT services for multiple organizations and transformed operational processes. Speaker and author, I collaborate side-by-side with the most important IT companies, like Microsoft, Veeam, Parallels, Netwrix, to provide technical sessions, videos and articles for the technical users.

As member of Inside Technologies, I heavily collaborating with the most important software house in several different programs such as Microsoft Azure Advisor and various Preview Programs, like Windows Admin Center, Azure Stack HCI, Microsoft Defender 365, Windows Server, Microsoft Intune and more.

I really believe into knowledge sharing and this is the reason why I’m Community Lead of WindowServer.it since 2006, speaker during public conferences, moreover than the speaker in many conferences organizer of Server Infrastructure Days (SID), one of the most important conference for IT Pro Business in Italy.

Since 2012 I’m Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management and in 2023 I received the second award for Security. Since 2016 I’m also Very Important Parallels Person.