Azure File Sync v18.2

Azure File Sync

The Azure File Sync agent v18.2, is now available via Microsoft Update and Download Center because a restart is required. These are the improvements:

Sync upload performance improvements

Sync upload performance has improved (performance numbers to be posted in the near future). This improvement will mainly benefit file share migrations (initial upload) and high churn events on the server in which a large number of files need to be uploaded.


  • Rollup update for Azure File Sync agent v18 and v18.1 releases
  • This release also includes sync reliability improvements


  • This release is available for Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022 installations
  • Restart is required
  • The agent version for this release is

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Azure File Sync Agent v18.2 Release – July 2024 – Microsoft Support