Hyper-V Server

Hyper-V Series: Configure Dynamic Memory

New chapter about Hyper-V Series, the articles dedicated to Hyper-V configuration. In this new article, we will talk again about memory and in particular about Dynamic Memory. Dynamic Memory Starting from Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Microsoft has introduced a new interesting feature to manage better the virtual memory, called Dynamic Memory, that allows to […]

Windows Server

Windows Server: Resolve VHDX Shrink Issue

As you probably know, starting Windows Server 2012 it’s possible made hot shrink of VHDX disks, also for Operating System in case you have configured the virtual machine in Generation 2. For those that don’t know what is it Shrink, is the possibility to reduce the volume space to optimize resource, in particular when there […]

Introduce Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure

I’m very excited to present the new Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure a new way to manage files into a virtual machine on Microsoft Azure. This new product is just announced at Microsoft Ignite. Veeam FastSCP use PowerShell connection to communicate with remote server and this means that security is guarantee because no other ports […]

Azure March 2015 Announcements

Many new good news for Azure users. The Product Group has published the list of the new features:   Compute-intensive A10 and A11 instances for Virtual Machines generally available Similar to A8 and A9 instances, A10 and A11 instances feature faster processors, more virtual cores for greater compute power, and larger amounts of memory than […]