From On-Prem to Azure: a story of success

Microsoft Azure

Migrate a customer from on-premises to the cloud sometime requires time and resources, specially when there are data and critical applications. A couple of months ago, we started a project to migrate one of our customer to Microsoft Azure and now I want share some information to show you how is simple, in the most of cases, move the workloads with the integrated tools.


The customer works in three different offices and provides car services for the most important automotive/rent companies so the necessity to be always up and running is mandatory. The request was to reduce the server costs, the licenses costs, delete the single point of failure and avoid the ISP failure.


The first step was migrate the collaboration/communication side from on-premises to Microsoft Office 365; in this way we have increased the productivity and the security. The second step was migrate the application server from on-premises to Microsoft Azure IaaS and to do this, we used Azure Backup to save the entire local application into the vault; thanks to recovery items, in 2 days we moved the databases, the images and all the other items to a new virtual machine.


To maintain the authentication, Azure Active Directory Domain Services was a part of the project; in this way the customer is able to use the same user accounts for Office 365 and for the main application. After 2 months we have 100% of SLA and the customer is full happy to have reduced the costs and increased the productivity.


We planning to move more customers in the same way!