Windows Server

Windows Server 1709: What’s New

Starting 17th October, Microsoft has released a new build of Windows Server, called with name RS3 (Red Stone 3), in the same moment of new build of Windows 10. The content in this section describes what’s new and changed in Windows Server and what is the new roadmap for the operating system.   Naming The name […]

Docker Networking

One of the most transparent/hidden item of Docker is related to network world but, as we will see, there’s much time to spend behind this argument. As we seen into the previous articles, when we create a new container in automatic he receives an IP address to expose services, when required, through NAT. What happen […]

Docker Automation with Dockerfile

During my previous articles, I showed how to create Docker containers, in Windows and Linux environment. In both solutions there’s always a problem about creation of master template, through manual editing and this means waste time.   In this article we will see how to automate this phase with the Dockerfile. The logic is very […]

Deploy Docker in Windows Server 2016

Everybody know that Windows Server 2016 include the Docker engine but this wasn’t clear at beginning. In November 2015, Microsoft has released the TP3 where Docker and, also, Windows Server Container were presents; the second one was a similar clone of first with two interesting elements, like PowerShell and Hyper-V Container, powered by Nested-Virtualization. With […]

Windows Server 2016: Introduce Containers

Updated at 6 December 2015   Containers are one of the new component present in Windows Server 2016 that makes more closer IT Pros and Developers for all companies where DevOps concept is present.   What is a Container? Container is a sandbox where it’s possible run services and processes in a protected environment. Containers […]