Windows Shell Deadlock: the patch is available now

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For several months, Windows users have complained about a not a little annoying problem related to the daily routine, namely the impossibility of logging on to their machine in an unexpected way. This problem may appear minor on clients but it is a disaster on servers and in particular on those used for the Session Host role.

The Windows shell deadlock does not allow access to the local via the hypervisor, which leads to a mandatory shutdown of the virtual machine and a loss of open activities.

On January 4th, Microsoft released an emergency patch that resolves this bug, reporting the following wording: “After you install KB5008218, you might experience a black screen, slow sign in, or general slowness. You might also be unable to use Remote Desktop to reach the server. In some circumstances, the server might stop responding.

KB5008218 relates to the month of December but there are several cases around which show that this bug has been around for months, but the exact reason why it is unleashed is not known. Surely the most affected operating systems are Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2019, because they were the first to receive this fix.

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The fix is only available within the Microsoft Update Catalog, but will be integrated in the next Cumulative Update of January 2022 – Download KB5010196