Kemp LoadMaster: Integration with Active Directory

Kemp LoadMaster allows integration with Active Directory to use domain users for authentication. One of the most advantage enforce the password policies, like length and expire time. To enable you must use the bal user.


First of all enable the Enable Session Management from WUI Settings, as showed in figure 1.


2015_09_01_Kemp_01Figure 1 – Enable Session Management


If Enable Session Management check box is ticked and Require Basic Authentication is disabled, the user only needs to log in using their local username and password. Users are not prompted to log in using the bal or user users


If the Enable Session Management and Require Basic Authentication check boxes are both selected, there are two levels of authentication enforced in order to access the LoadMaster WUI. The initial level is Basic Authentication where users login using the bal or user logins, which are default usernames defined by the system.


Once logged in via Basic Authentication, the user then must log in using their local username and password to begin the session.


On Remote Access area, open the WUI Authorization Options and set the IP address of yours Domain Controller into LDAP Server fields, as showed in figure 2.


Figure 2 – LDAP Server


NB: Remember to restart the device if you want apply the settings!


After restart, open the User Management and add your domain user. Keep in mind that LDAP users need to login using the full domain name. For example an LDAP username should be and not just user.