Restore Hyper-V Virtual Machine with Veeam Backup & Replication

Last day my host, based on Hyper-V, crashed so I was forced to reset the machine. This crash has corrupted one of my virtual machine, the System Center Configuration Manager in detail. I tried with some recovery task without a good result…the screen message was too explicit.


Figure 1 – BSOD


As usual, my environment is protect with Veeam Backup & Replication that every day create a new backup of VMs. The good news for me was that only the OS disk was damaged so the restore required only one file. To do this I started the Restore VM Files procedure, figure 2, with the last backup slot.


Figure 2 – Restore VM Files


During the Restore Destination step, figure 3, I chose only the OS vhdx file….this is good to reduce recovery time.


Figure 3 – Restore Destination


After few minutes the file was restored into VM’s folder. After logon I tested the application with Application Catalog…with a good result!


Figure 4 – Application Catalog


With few clicks I restored a virtual machine faster.


Note: in case you have problem with ACL permission, that could happen sometime, is necessary restore it to start VM. You can use my script available on TechNet Gallery.