Veeam Backup & Replication v9: My Preferred Features

Veeam Availability Suite v9 is ready for prime-time and we will see many new features and improvements. As Veeam Vanguard I had the honor to test it during the preview version and understand what’s new in the new version of Backup & Replication. If you want know what’s coming in the new version, this link is a perfect starting-point:


From my point of view, these are the most important features of Veeam Backup & Replication v9:


Standalone Console
Oh yes! Now it’s possible install a standalone console inside your client without open, every time, a RDP session to manage your backups. This is very important for security.


Figure 1 – Standalone Console


Scale-Out Backup Repository
Do you know Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012? OK, the idea is very similar: create your pool with two, or more, backup repository and use it as target for your Jobs. With SOBR it’s possible reduce storage hardware spending, simplify backup storage and backup job management and improve reliability. In case is necessary add new space, it can be done on-air without stops jobs or services.


Veeam Explorer Enhancements
My favourites feature is table-level restores with Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server because reduce restore time and allows to pick only a single object instead an entire database! The others new features for Veeam Explorer are:


  • Support to Oracle Database
  • New eDiscovery features for Microsoft Exchange
  • Restores of Group Policy Objects, integrated DNS records and configuration partition objects for Microsoft Active Directory
  • Full-site and site collection restores for Microsoft SharePoint


Mount Server
In Backup & Replication v8, if you have a Remote Branch Office deployed, the restore was not easy because all the tasks was made by Veeam Server in HQ, this means generate a huge traffic over WAN. With v9 there will be a new role called Mount Server, a Windows machine used as mount point for File Level Restore. Hyper-V hosts are supported for this feature (not so bad for small environment).


Figure 2 – Mount Server Schema


This is my hit-parade about Veeam Backup & Replication v9! What’s your best features? Let know me via Twitter!