Windows Admin Center 1902 Preview

Windows Admin Center

Great news from Windows Admin Center product team, because the build 1902 is now available in preview for all Windows Insider users. This new release was completely focus to adds new functionality including all-new Software Defined Networking tools in the HCI solution. These new tools are:

  • Access Control List management (SDN)
  • Gateway Connection (SDN)
  • Logical Network Management (SDN)
  • Connect VM to VLAN or Virtual Network

Not only SDN, because the product team has released a little cool features.

Shared Connection

Now you can share the list of your servers across all admins using WAC Gateway. Go to WAC Gateway Settings > Shared Connections and then add servers, clusters and PC as you normally would. You can also tag servers in this pane as well, and these tags will appear for all users.


Are you using RDCman to manage your servers? With this script you will be able to import the entire list also if WAC is installed locally.

QCT Extension

QCT has been released the official build of their Windows Server Software Defined Solution extension. The GA release also includes display of advanced hardware information such as temperature, power, component loading and server LED control, and a Disk replacement wizard UI. The solution is available under Extensions area of WAC Settings.

New Extensions

As member of Windows Admin Center TAP, I’m testing a new cool extensions that should be ready for the next major release in April!

Get Started

Ready to test the new build? Download Windows Admin Center Preview 1902 directly from the Windows Server Insider Preview download page.