Azure File Sync

Azure File Sync v7.2 GA

Fellows, the Flighting phase has completed so we have an update rollup for the Azure File Sync agent v7 released today which addresses the following issues: Storage Sync Agent (FileSyncSvc) crashes if the proxy configuration is null Server endpoint will start BCDR (error 0x80c80257 – ECS_E_BCDR_IN_PROGRESS) if multiple endpoints on the server have the same […]

Microsoft Azure Bastion

Introducing Azure Bastion

Protect a virtual machine from attack is not easy, specially when it is exposed to external. The VMs on Microsoft Azure, like the others outside from internal infrastructure, requires more attention because we need to keep opened a channel to manage them so protocol like RDP or SSH must be available for the entire world. […]

Microsoft Azure

Azure VM Generation 2 Preview

Today is a great day! The product team has announced the first public preview of Azure Virtual Machine Generation 2. Can be strange but until today, all the virtual machine on Azure are created in Generation 1 and this is not good for performance and security as well. So why Microsoft use yet this kind […]

[Webinar] Mettere in sicurezza l’infrastruttura IT con le GPO

Un’infrastruttura Active Directory non può esistere senza GPO. Le Group Policy Object sono la base per rendere sicura la propria infrastruttura, applicando dei modelli standard e centralizzati di regole, sia per i client che per i server. Attraverso le GPO possiamo, ad esempio: Configurare le impostazioni Windows Configurazione applicazioni come Office e Chrome Installare stampanti […]