Windows Admin Center: how to clone a VM

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Another cool tool introduced in Windows Admin Center v2007 is the capability to clone a virtual machine from another. This option wasn’t present in Hyper-V Manager or Failover Cluster Manager but only in Virtual Machine Manager, so is a very good point. The procedure is not complicated but there some small consideration before starts.

First of all, the tool is in preview mode but this is not a real problem, probably in the future we could see more options. To clone a VM, click on it and select Clone from the menu More.

Figure 1 – Clone VM

There’s no too much to do because you must insert the name of Hyper-V / Cluster VM name (not the domain name), the path where save VM and confirm if the sysprep must be run from WAC or if you have already ran the sysprep; what is better? From performance side, more or less is the same, from the “validation” could be better run the task in visual mode to be sure that everything works fine.

Figure 2 – Clone Settings

Done! After few minutes, depends by VM size and hardware performance, you virtual machine will be ready to be re-joined in domain.

Figure 3 – Task Completed


Windows Admin Center is working hard to introduce new features to manage Hyper-V and the virtualization ecosystem easily and I’m sure that is the beginning.

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