Azure File Sync v9 GA

Azure File Sync

Fellows, the Flighting phase has completed so we have an update rollup for the Azure File Sync agent v9 released today which addresses the following improvements:

  • Self-service restore support: users can now restore their files by using the previous version feature
  • Support for larger file share sizes up to 64TiB and 100 million files in a single syncing namespace
  • Data Deduplication support on Server 2019
  • Improved minimum file size for a file to tier
  • Network connectivity test cmdlet
  • Remove server endpoint improvement when cloud tiering is enabled

The v9 introduce also performance and reliability improvements:

  • Reduced recall failures. Recall size is now automatically adjusted based on network bandwidth
  • Improved download performance when adding a new server to a sync group
  • Reduced files not syncing due to constraint conflicts
  • Files fail to tier or are unexpectedly recalled in certain scenarios if the server endpoint path is a volume mount point

More information about this update rollup:

  • This update is available for Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 installations that have Azure File Sync agent version or later installed
  • The agent version of this update rollup is
  • A restart may be required if files are in use during the update rollup installation

Get Started

Update rollup for the Azure File Sync Agent is available from Microsoft Update and by manual download.

Installation instructions are documented in KB4522359.