SC Operations Manager 2016: Force Uninstall Agent on Nano Server

As you know, with System Center 2016 Operations Manager TP4 is possible monitor Windows Server 2016 Nano. In this moment there are several limitations in this initial release of the Nano Server agent. The following operations are not supported in this initial release:


  • Installing the Operations Manager Agent to a Nano Server via discovery from the Operations Manager console
  • Installing the Operations Manager Agent via an MSI package
  • Monitoring a Nano Server that is not in the same domain as the Operations Manager Management Server
  • Monitoring a Nano Server with a Management Pack written in VBScript or JScript
  • Monitoring .Net applications running on a Nano Server
  • Process Monitoring on the Nano Server
  • ICMP monitoring on the Nano Server
  • OLE DB monitoring on the Nano Server
  • Integrating the Nano Server with Active Directory
  • Updating the Operations Manager agent on a Nano Server by applying updates
  • Using Audit Collection Services (ACS)
  • Using network discovery rules to discover devices that support ICMP
  • Monitoring specific url’s on a Nano Server
  • Discovering IIS web sites
  • Collecting data from the Application Log of a Nano Server
  • Monitoring workloads that are not monitored by the Base OS or Failover Cluster Management Packs


Install and uninstall are very easy but what happen if there are some problems during setup? I found an issue when the agent is installed on Nano but is not present on SCOM; if you try to run the uninstall script, the message error is similar like figure 1.



Figure 1 – Uninstall Error

The reason of this error is because the script cannot remove the machine on SCOM Management Server. To avoid this issue, is necessary edit the Uninstallnanoserverscomagentonline.ps1 and commit the rows 215, 216 and 217 as showed in figure 2.

Figure 2 – Commit Rows

What happen with this modify? Is a way to exclude the agent uninstall from MS. After commit, try again and check if works.