SC Operations Manager: Resolve error 404 of WAP Management Pack

I use Windows Azure Pack into my lab environment and, as normal, I use System Center Operations Manager to monitor it. Good idea and after 5 minutes it discovered my environment and started to monitor all the sites. After 6 minutes I found the first issues with web sites monitoring. In detail the issue is linked to Web Monitor Availability, as showed in figure 1.


WAP MP 01Figure 1 – Web Monitor Availability Error


The reason of this errors is very easy: I changed the default header for AdminSite, WindowsAuthSite, TenantSite and the AuthSite. The MP cannot detect this kind of change and the consequence is the critical error.


To resolve the issue is necessary modify the Management Pack but WAP MP is seal and this means that is not possible export or edit from SCOM the configuration so the solution is download Management Pack Viewer 2012, a great tool to view all the MP’s structure and export it into an XML file. The startup is main WAP MP that you must load into Viewer and after that you must Unseal it, as showed in figure 2.


Figure 2 – Unseal MP


Find all the wrong URL and substitute them with the right value, as showed in figure 3.


WAP MP 01Figure 3 – Edit URL


Question: how can I find the right place where change the values? It’s easy! Search all the localhost value, that you must change,┬áinto XML file :).


After all changes, it’s time to import the new MP, figure 5, but before do this is necessary remove the old one. It’s very important don’t change the version number to avoid future problems (in case of new MP).


Figure 4 – Import MP


Finish! Open your Windows Computer State and check if all the WAP errors are closed.