Veeam Backup & Replication 9 will support Oracle

Great news from Veeam’s side! Backup & Replication v9 will support also Oracle Databases. This means that you could delivers the following capabilities:


  • Transaction-level recovery
  • Table-level recovery
  • Transaction log backup and replay


In the same time, will are new features for existing Explorer:


Veeam Explorer for Active Directory: Granular recovery is taken to a whole new level in v9. Group Policy Objects (GPOs) can now be restored as well as Active Directory-integrated DNS records. This solves a real problem in restoring objects that have been lost or modified incorrectly. The most powerful enhancement with this Veeam Explorer, however, is the ability to restore the configuration partition objects—our new toy for Active Directory experts.


Veeam Explorer for Exchange: This popular Veeam Explorer will now feature two capabilities that will really help with e-discovery tasks. The first is the detailed Export Report, which specifies what was exported, from where and what search criteria was used within Veeam Explorer for Exchange. This report can be sent to administrators and is included with PST files that are exported. Additionally, Veeam Explorer for Exchange will now also provide an export size estimation for search queries. This is especially helpful as many mailboxes are more like file systems for some users; you want to know how big the result of certain query would be if it were to be exported.


Veeam Explorer for SharePoint: Now full-site, site collection and list and item permission restores are supported with Veeam Explorer for SharePoint. Additionally, Veeam Explorer for SharePoint now supports the use of a remote staging SQL Server for restore tasks. This means that the local database on the Veeam Backup & Replication server is not used to “mount” the SharePoint database as part of the Veeam Explorer for SharePoint task. This is helpful if your SharePoint database is larger than what the default installation of SQL Server Express on the Veeam Backup & Replication console can support.


Veeam Explorer for SQL Server: A popular request for this Veeam Explorer was to include table-level recovery. So now the granularity of the restore situations with Veeam Explorer for SQL Server can apply to a specific table within a database. Additionally, the v9 Veeam Explorer for SQL Server will also include  remote staging SQL Server support.


You want know more about Veeam Availability Suite 9? Follow this link: