Windows Terminal

How to personalize Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is the new console available for those who have already installed Windows 10 1903, capable of integrating PowerShell, Command Prompt and the Windows Subsystem for Linux bash, if activated; one place where you can do 360-degree management of your computer or infrastructure. Not only multi-platform, because Windows Terminal introduces these new capabilities: Multi-Tab […]

Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Introducing Azure Sentinel

With cloud explosion, Microsoft was involved to introduce new solutions to achieve users’ requirements in order to be ready to switch-off on-premises solution moving to the cloud. This crazy run produced, in some cases, confusion from customers due overlap between products. However, despite the many releases made, one of the products that has always been […]

Microsoft Azure Bastion

Introducing Azure Bastion

Protect a virtual machine from attack is not easy, specially when it is exposed to external. The VMs on Microsoft Azure, like the others outside from internal infrastructure, requires more attention because we need to keep opened a channel to manage them so protocol like RDP or SSH must be available for the entire world. […]