Kemp LoadMaster

A new update for Kemp LoadMaster is now available for download. This is the list of highlights:

New Features

  • Network Telemetry
  • Let’s Encrypt Support
  • Bandwidth Rate Limiting & QoS
  • StoreFront Pre-Authentication for Citrix Workspace and Receiver
  • Kubernetes Ingress Controller
  • OpenID Connect Support
  • DHE Key Size Support Extended to 4096
  • HA: Interface Reboot Feature for L4 Connection Updates
  • GEO: Additional Record Types Supported
  • Client Certificate Authentication with No Server Side Authentication

Security Updates

  • NTLM Proxy Mode
  • Elliptical Curve CA Certificate Regenerated
  • OpenSSH Version Update
  • Updated Certificate PIV Support (Smartcard) for SSO & WUI
  • X.509 Certificate Format Updated
  • LDAPS and Syslog Server Certificate Validation

Downgrading to LMOS 7.2.50 or a previous release can only be done when the Update Verification Options setting is set to Optional or Legacy. When performing the downgrade, do not specify an XML file. If you want to verify the digital signature on the image before downgrading, you can do so using a manual process documented on the support website.

For full details on all the firmware updates, consult the LoadMaster Release Notes

Get Started

Download Current GA Feature Version –