Veeam MP 6.5: The specified channel could not be found

Who using System Center Operations Manager and Veeam MP 6.5 has seen that there’s a “strange” issue. In detail, all the Management Servers raise a Warning state about missing value into the Event Viewer, as showed in figure 1.

Figure 1 – Warning State

Thanks to Mike Reseeler, Veeam Product Strategy Specialist and Microsoft MVP for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management, I discovered that this is a known issue and can happen sometimes when our MP objects get “orphaned”, which can happen in various situations (e.g. VMs or storage getting moved/deleted in vCenter and the Veeamp Collector loses track of the object).
Orphaned objects fall to the Management Server and he doesn’t know how to handle Veeam MP objects, because it’s not a Veeam Collector. In general, Veeam MP will rebuild topology every day (2am) and this will fix it; customer can manually hit ‘Rebuild Topology’ link in UI, this can also fix it (within 20 minutes or so).
If it persists after above, then you need the logs to see which object is orphaned exactly.