Windows 10: How to Resolve Store Issues

After upgrade from Windows 10 build 9860 to build 9879 I found some issues with ModernApps. In detail three apps give me errors: Mail/Calendar/People, OneNote and Microsoft Wireless Adapter.


In the most of case, the code errors was 0x80246007 or 0x80070002, as showed in figure 1.


Figure 1 – 0x80070002 Error


After many hours lost behind these apps, and thousand of test, I found a theoretical solution but be careful because is required change some critical component….and to be honest I don’t know if is supported from Microsoft :).


First of all, cancel all the installation from Store. Second, enable the hidden file/folder and go to C:\Program Files\; we will work with the Apps Folder located on C:\Program Files\WindowsApps. By default this folder is protected so only the TrustedInstaller can write into this folder and there’s no way to make a change….unless we change the Owner to Local Administrators, as showed in figure 2.


Figure 2 – Change Owner Folder


NB: Remember that is very important don’t “play” with the App folders….unless you love the risk and you have already¬†finished Call of Duty 4.


Now is possible open the folder and see the content. What we must do is delete the folders of the apps with the issues; in my case is OneNote, figure 3. Keep in mind that could be necessary change the Owner permission of each folder, as the main folder, and also add your user with full control ACL.


Figure 3 – App with Issue


Delete all the folders linked to the app, go back to the Windows Store and retry to download the app; if there aren’t others issues, the app will appear on Start Menu, as showed in figure 4.


Figure 4 – App Installed


And what about Microsoft Wireless Adapter? Oh is easy….doesn’t works with Windows 10!