Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal preview

During last Build 2019, there was an announcement, from Microsoft, a little bit unexpected for the modality but expected since many time from users: the arrival of new console for Windows world. Windows Terminal is the new central location management console where you can access the traditional Command-Line, PowerShell and the Windows Subsystem for Linux […]

Azure File Sync

Azure File Sync Agent v6 – Update June

An update rollup for the Azure File Sync agent v6 was released today which addresses the following issues: After creating a server endpoint, High CPU usage may occur when background recall is downloading files to the server. Sync and cloud tiering operations may fail with error. CS_E_SERVER_CREDENTIAL_NEEDED due to token expiration.Recalling a file may fail […]

Microsoft Azure

Azure VM Generation 2 Preview

Today is a great day! The product team has announced the first public preview of Azure Virtual Machine Generation 2. Can be strange but until today, all the virtual machine on Azure are created in Generation 1 and this is not good for performance and security as well. So why Microsoft use yet this kind […]

Azure File Sync

Azure File Sync v6 GA

Great news for AFS lovers because the product team make available the v6, a new major release! This version has been released after two months from v5; this is the confirm on what is the focus from Microsoft on Azure File Sync. For everybody didin’t know what is yet AFS, is the solution to synchronize […]

Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center 1904 GA

Time is over! The new official build of Windows Admin Center is now in General Availability! The v1904 introduces many new features and improvements to achive management for on-premises and cloud environment. This build arrives after one year from the first public release and in perfect time to support the new Windows Server Semi Annual […]

Azure File Sync

Azure File Sync Agent v5 – Update April

An update rollup for the Azure File Sync agent was released today which addresses the following issues: Reliability improvements for offline data transfer and data transfer resume features Sync telemetry improvements More information about this update rollup: This update is available for Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 installations that […]